Mens Asian Fashion

Fashion is not only reserved for women, it has been an emblem of style for hundreds of years from the times of renaissance to what we currently refer to a pop fashion. One of the most fashionable countries in the world is now considered to be South Korea. South Korean pop stars have now been fashion icons for ages and one of the biggest achievements in this fashion industry is global make fashion domination.

A lot of these fashion trends have rubbed off on modern day China and has travelled to the far pacific coast of Canada. One of the most heavily populated cities in BC is Vancouver. Vancouver Male Fashion Stores have been increasing in the lower mainland area where asian fashion has dominated the major malls and luxury boutiques. The only brands that are able to hold a front to these giants are luxury brands, such as Michael Kors and Coach.

With growing population of wealthy individuals coming from China it is becoming easier to obtain luxury goods, however the street fashion still has a small chance of getting a peace of that pie.

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